Farnaz Jahanbin


"Each voice has a life inside and that's what I paint."

Farnaz Jahanbin is an Iranian painter and singer. Her works convey both the liveliness of Tehran and the mystery of Persian aesthetics. Everyday events, conversation, altercation, circulation, are the starting point of her abstract compositions, which borrow from oriental calligraphy their rhythmic undulations. It is precisely in the visual rhythm that Farnaz Jahanbin expresses her passion for singing, which she has practiced for several decades.


The artist invented a unique artistic practice known as voice painting. The production of the work becomes a sung performance. Jahanbin draws the force of the brush movement from the resonance of her own voice. When she paints, her song resembles a ritual incantation and the painting retains this mystical vibration. Voice painting refers to the American movement of action painting, while being part of the millennial Middle Eastern heritage. The result is however resolutely contemporary. The forms, reduced to the essential, find an echo in street art as in minimalist abstraction.

  • Farnaz Jahanbin, Curve Line 5, 2018
    Curve Line 5, 2018
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  • Farnaz Jahanbin, Curve Line 12, 2018
    Curve Line 12, 2018
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  • Farnaz Jahanbin, Curve Line 13, 2018
    Curve Line 13, 2018
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  • Farnaz Jahanbin, Awakened, 2018
    Awakened, 2018
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