Jayde Cardinalli


Californian designer, Jayde Cardinalli is a rising figure in the illustration industry. Her compositions with countless playful details have inspired a whole generation of artistic directors, both in design and in fashion: her designs are also one of the ingredients of the stylistic renewal of Gucci, under the protection of Alessandro Michele.


After a degree in graphic design, Jayde Cardinalli began to illustrate. Her magical and organic universe quickly seduced the creative and hipster circles of her hometown, San Francisco. Big names in tech like Facebook, Apple, quickly placed orders. Then came the fashion and editorial brands. Cardinalli has developed a unique style and meticulous technique, creating her works with a polysemic force. Like a contemporary version of the fantasies of a Jérôme Bosch, or engravings of a Gustave Doré, Cardinalli’s works, especially illustrations for children’s stories, is a reflection of current events around the world and humanity.

  • Jayde Cardinalli, Weight of the World
    Weight of the World
  • Jayde Cardinalli, El Cadron Gigante, 2017
    El Cadron Gigante, 2017
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The Unicorn is Found, 2017
    The Unicorn is Found, 2017
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The Cosmic Child, 2017
    The Cosmic Child, 2017
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The Wand, 2018
    The Wand, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The Jungalow, 2018
    The Jungalow, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The Hoyapod, 2018
    The Hoyapod, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The Nautilina Orchid, 2018
    The Nautilina Orchid, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, Shelter from the Storm, 2018
    Shelter from the Storm, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, Day 420,000,000, 2018
    Day 420,000,000, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, Kitty Gatto, 2018
    Kitty Gatto, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, Strange thing #11, 2018
    Strange thing #11, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, Fire walk with me, 2018
    Fire walk with me, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The Fish Bag, 2018
    The Fish Bag, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, Hollywood Armor, 2018
    Hollywood Armor, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The Island, 2018
    The Island, 2018
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The Arrow, 2020
    The Arrow, 2020
  • Jayde Cardinalli, Fino Ad Allora, 2020
    Fino Ad Allora, 2020
  • Jayde Cardinalli, On the Run, 2020
    On the Run, 2020
  • Jayde Cardinalli, Big Dreams, 2020
    Big Dreams, 2020
  • Jayde Cardinalli, The many selves, 2020
    The many selves, 2020