Born in Jamaica, artist and glass sculptor Hugh Findletar had a childhood filled with Caribbean legends and traditions. His underlying Jamaican imagination and culture further translated into his artistic works today, giving his pieces a distinct style and character. Findletar grew up in New York City and started out as a photographer by trade. The manner in which he captured the expressions, looks and personality of his muses became an obsession which later followed him throughout his career as an artist.


At the same time, Findletar nursed a passion for horticulture, passed on to him by his beloved great-grandmother. In the beginning, Findletar did not expect that he would combine the two major facets of his life within his work. The artist discovered the art of glassblowing during a trip to Kenya and that began a long-standing exploration into glass-making, marrying the finesse of this Western craft with the expressive force of African art. Findletar sought the knowledge of this ancient art form, finding himself in Murano, Italy - the home of the world's best glass artisans.