Pierre Bonnefille


Pierre Bonnefille is a French abstract painter and designer with a unique and poetic aesthetics. He owns the title “Maître d’art” from the French Ministry of Culture, rewarding his artistic savoir-faire. The work of this true pictural explorer is inseparable from the triptych : materials, colours and light.


The artist creates his own basic materials, textures and tools, mainly from natural compounds: minerals, metals, sediments, marble, pigments and powders of all kinds. He enjoys exploring the world for inspiration, devoting attention to the details that convey emotion. Reflections, nuances of colours and natural harmonies are found in his polychromic canvases, giving the illusion of a quiet movement changing under the effect of light. Likewise, architectural volumes of cities such as Venice, Pompeii or Kyoto influence his series and creations. The artist’s complete know-how allows him to lead large-scale projects, constantly juggling between contemporary art and interior design. He is keen on developing immersive and sensorial environments and atmospheres, such as with his Meditation Room or with the renovation of Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation, an institutional building in Paris.

  • Pierre Bonnefille, CARBON PAINTING 13, 2016
    CARBON PAINTING 13, 2016
  • Pierre Bonnefille, BRONZE PAINTING 50, 2016
    BRONZE PAINTING 50, 2016
  • Pierre Bonnefille, Bronze Painting 048, 2016
    Bronze Painting 048, 2016
  • Pierre Bonnefille, BRONZE PAINTING, 2019
  • Pierre Bonnefille, Bronze Painting 150, 2019
    Bronze Painting 150, 2019
  • Pierre Bonnefille, Bronze Painting 161, 2021
    Bronze Painting 161, 2021
  • Pierre Bonnefille, Bronze Painting 160, 2021
    Bronze Painting 160, 2021
  • Pierre Bonnefille, Bronze Painting 177, 2022
    Bronze Painting 177, 2022
  • Pierre Bonnefille, Bronze Painting 184, 2022
    Bronze Painting 184, 2022
  • Pierre Bonnefille, Bronze Painting 166, 2022
    Bronze Painting 166, 2022
  • Pierre Bonnefille, Bronze Painting 163, 2022