Une galerie nomade qui fait dialoguer

des espaces uniques et des pièces de collection.


Operating through a circuit of ephemeral locations all over the world, the Spaceless Gallery looks beyond the walls of a traditional white cube space to provide an ever-changing experience for both our artists and audience. The gallery's nomadic nature ties in with its decentralized art programs that aim to establish fresh dialogues between the exhibition venue, the works, and the viewer integrating all art forms, including music and performance art. With a focus on experiential exhibitions that pays homage to their surroundings, the Spaceless Gallery captures today's art market unbounded by any one location, audience, genre, or media.


Created in 2019, the gallery has realized more than 15 exhibitions in various locations and countries to go meet the publics and collectors. In 2022, the Spaceless Gallery will explore further the American cultural scene to indroduce our artists while cultivating our European roots.

  • Béatrice Masi, Founder of the gallery

    Béatrice Masi

    Founder of the gallery

    Founded by Beatrice Masi who is currently based in Paris, the Spaceless Gallerybegan as an initiative to provide visibility and support to her artist-friends. As the gallery grew, Beatrice continued to hold the belief that the gallery is akin to a close-knit family where her artists feel like they belong. "I believe in each one of my artists and in turn, they put their trust in me." Today, her principles have formed the foundations of what the gallery represents.


    Throughout her career, Beatrice has established herself as a boundary breaker - a curator, advisor, and gallerist all in one. It is with this same spirit of innovation that the Spaceless Gallery brings together its eclectic network of collectors, collaborators, and artists from across all spectrums.

  • Kate NG, Co-founder

    Kate NG


    Running the gallery alongside Beatrice, Kate Ng shares the same resounding beliefs that drives the gallery forward. An advocate for inclusion, diversity and education, Kate hopes that the Spaceless Gallery will grow to become a platform that embraces all - travelling the road less taken and pushing the boundaries for how art is seen, perceived and experienced.


    With a wealth of art-world experience under her belt, Kate wears many hats as she positions herself from her base in Singapore, building and augmenting the bedrock of the gallery's ecosystem.

  • Alizée Bourgeois, Communication, PR and Projects manager

    Alizée Bourgeois

    Communication, PR and Projects manager Alizée is a cultural engineering consultant and a graduate of a cultural management school. Passionate about all forms of art and new gallery models, she joined the team as a communication, press relations and gallery projects manager.

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