"My work is primitive, stemming from the desire to materialize and connect basic and fundamental themes together."

Gabriel Sobin is a Franco-American artist and sculptor born in 1971 who lives and works in Provence, France. A graduate of design from Olivier de Serres and the Camondo school in Paris, Sobin's sculptures are made mostly of stone with incorporations of other natural elements like wax. 


Inspired by the mineral landscapes of the Mediterranean region, the artist's memories of the reddish ochres and monumental quarries of his childhood have fueled his imagination, forging an emotional bond with his sculptural medium of choice. The aesthetic he develops, evoking both the spirit of minimalism and Zen Buddhism, is rooted in the material. He notably wishes to stress out the timeless nature of rock, which is an element invested with fundamental properties. As he says : "my work is primitive, stemming from the desire to materialize and connect basic and fundamental themes together. Exploring light and movement in the mineral allows me to unite the fixed with the incessant metamorphoses of the living. A cut drop of water, or even a sound wave, can then materialize in a surprising interaction born of these same paradoxes."


Sobin harnesses the inner potentials of stone, a silent power or "piece of the Earthly consciousness", breathing life into a material that is known for its resounding strength and toughness. Inspired by natural harmonies, the artist plays with the dualities and equilibriums that compose our world, especially through his mobile mineral sculptures carried by the wind. Thus, behind the tangibility of the material hides a research of holistic nature.

  • Gabriel Sobin, Venus 1, 2012-2020
  • Gabriel Sobin, Form as absence, 2018
    Form as absence, 2018
  • Gabriel Sobin, Transient, 2019
    Transient, 2019
  • Gabriel Sobin, Rock'n Roll, 2019
    Rock'n Roll, 2019
  • Gabriel Sobin, Solar Cloud, 2020
    Solar Cloud, 2020
  • Gabriel Sobin, Venus, 2020
    Venus, 2020
  • Gabriel Sobin, Etude de la Vénus de Lespugue, 2022
    Etude de la Vénus de Lespugue, 2022
  • Gabriel Sobin, Luminous Debris, 2022
    Luminous Debris, 2022
  • Gabriel Sobin, Echo lumineux, 2022
    Echo lumineux, 2022
  • Gabriel Sobin, Transient, 2022
    Transient, 2022
  • Gabriel Sobin, Meteorite (Dark Enigma), 2022
    Meteorite (Dark Enigma), 2022
  • Gabriel Sobin, Tribute Composition, 2022
    Tribute Composition, 2022
  • Gabriel Sobin, Comète, 2022
    Comète, 2022
  • Gabriel Sobin, Venus Albatre, 2022
    Venus Albatre, 2022