After studying graphic design at the National Technical University of Ukraine, Olga Sabko continued her training at the Beaux-Arts de Paris in which she explored ceramics, lithography and linocut. 


Olga’s artistic approach is centered around the elusive concept of time and its impermanence. Rather than engaging in an ontological reflection on the nature of time, Olga prefers to approach the subject through the physical marks it leaves. Her sculptures are an attempt to give form to time and its contents while also formalizing her physical and emotional relationship with it.


One of the key aspects of Olga's work is uncertainty. Her sculptures suggest perpetual movement, and their forms are not definitive. Instead, they express a constant movement through several visual and sensitive dimensions, representing a physical existence in an uncertain space-time. She intentionally leaves her sculptures unfinished, raw, and without any particular color, allowing the medium to express itself without any aesthetic or emotional will imposed upon it.


Olga's artistic process is all about experimentation and listening to the material. Harmony arises from the poetic accidents that form these organic shapes. This approach is not limited to sculpture but extends to other media, as evidenced by her lithographic work, which combines intuition and accident to capture the spatio-temporal context of creation.