Quentin Derouet


Born in 1988 and graduated from Villa Arson in 2012, Quentin Derouet came out with honors and the Nice city’s price that rewards his masterful and minimal gesture : the trace of a crushed rose on a wall. He now works between his two studios, in Paris and Aveyron in South of France. Between 2012 and 2014, Quentin Derouet worked on different conceptual projects - Le Cirque Noir - he created a perfume, - Intention - developed The Little Mathematical Theory of Poetic Spaces.


In 2014 he collaborated with Fabrice Hyber and the Meilland Society creator and producer of roses based in Salon de Provence. They worked to develop a new variety of rose which characteristic would be to let the most beautiful trace when it is crushed on a surface. He then developped series of paintings from the most primitive mark to parietal painting, while actually questioning contemporary painting. He created a rose garden in South of France, and produces only with the blooming of its flowers. He has exhibited in several museums, the Museum of Modern Art of Saint-Etienne, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nice, the Kunst Merano Arte in Italy and at Villa Arson.


His work has been exhibited in various international art fairs such as Art Shenzhen, Fiac in Paris or in Turin during a duo show with Hans Bellmer.