Born in Ivory Coast in 1990, Ange Dakouo is Holder of a Master's degree in Plastic Arts from Conservatory of Multimedia Arts and Crafts of Bamako (Mali), he is Major of the 2017 promotion. Ange lives and works in Bamako, Mali, country origin of his family and is one of the founders of the Tim’Art collective with which he exhibits regularly.


Ange is a committed and multidisciplinary artist, he approaches painting, video, sculpture too although the installation. His approach is centered on the cultural heritage of Mali, of which he aspires to defend conservation and revaluation, as well as on contemporary society.


Currently leaning his gaze on the brotherhood of Dozo hunters, secret society and esoteric of Mali depository of secular mystical knowledge, it is with a meticulousness and a quite particular care that Ange is inspired by the amulets with which these hunters, to make its woven installations giving a rigorous originality and mature to his creations. Thus, of folding newspapers, in memory of his father printer, in cotton thread bindings are born the "gri-gri", reproduced and bound for compose his works. In reference to alchemy (Black, White, Blue, Red), the space of its hangings evolves towards a quest for perfection; these patches of color are a reflection difficulties and obstacles encountered during this quest. Sometimes they dominate darkening the work as a whole, or remaining discreet like the red squares that invite us to be vigilant.


His first solo exhibition "Les Boîtes Rouges" took place in 2018 at Taxi Bamako. In 2019, his work was presented as part of the exhibition "Les Tisseurs de Liens" at BICIM, then in a solo installation "Tomorrow will be better" at the Villa Soudan in Bamako. He was invited to the AKAA 2019 fair and by Armelle Dakouo for her exhibition at Espace Commines in Paris, exhibited at the Galerie Trames in Dakar (Senegal) as part of the "Partcours 2020", before his residency at the Blachère Foundation. In 2022 LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery the received for the Brave New World exhibition then presented it at the AKAA fair; The Institute Français de Saint-Louis (Senegal) exhibits it for Matters, manners and society and the collective Tim’Arts for Art-Mix in Bamako (Mali) and he participates in the Salon d’Art Contemporain Segou'Art (Mali).