Adaptism is a duo created by Paul Youenn and Eliott Vallin, formed in 2019 in Eindhoven from the Netherlands. They both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2021. They develop bridges between art, fashion, and collectible design to conceive new formal, aesthetic and functional interpretations from inactive materials and objects. 

Eliott Vallin and Paul Youenn conceive new formal, aesthetic and functional interpretations from inactive materials and objects. Their philosophy is led by the process of adaptation: they capture, transform and value fragments of our society. They incorporate ADM - Argentique Digitale Mobile - a self-initiated photographic method to generate new visual representations of the scrap. Drawn from the excesses - from globalization, from overconsumption, from the fashion industry - the leftovers are reimagined for reinsertion. To value the rejected becomes their methodology of work. To give a more humane existence to what is being lost becomes their approach to society. 

paul youenn is a Paris-based concept-shaper. Fascinated by vibrations, rituals and gestures, he plays with scale to make the invisible tangible by combining high technology and craftsmanship. He straddles the line between art, design, and fashion. By playing with the scales, textures, and proportions, paul youenn shows what's invisible and makes it tangible. He focuses his approach on a combination of talents, high technology, and craftsmanship. His fascination for the invisible is born from his will to understand and feel systems, matter, and cultures.

He has been developing collaborations with various experts since 2020. To realize his concepts, youenn works with different experts like Michelin starred Chef, Scientists, silversmiths, carpenters, fashion designers, and textile museums.

eliott vallin is a textile artist-designer. He instinctively builds his work on the structure of the body by creating a poetic and raw atmosphere.