Blurred Life, Sharp Spaces : Veronese 2023

9 Sep - 18 Dec 2023

The Spaceless Gallery is pleased to announce its second collaboration with Maison Veronese this upcoming September 2023.


Each year since their new showroom opened in Paris's 3rd Arrondissement, Veronese designs a new showroom scenography, bringing together its collections–iconic and novel–with complementary furniture designs. In 2022, Veronese first collaborated with the Spaceless Gallery to bring together the world of art and design. Driven by a desire to move away from the traditional gallery aesthetic towards something more tangible, the Spaceless Gallery's search for unique spaces to exhibit its artists and works complements Veronese's mission to bring to life a more authentic showroom experience.  


Now for Veronese's September 2023 opening, the Spaceless Gallery and Veronese collaborate again. For the new exhibition "Blurred Life, Sharp Spaces”, Beatrice brings the work of a group of artists who in their own way each take creative inspiration/license from the world of mechanical ingenuity. In doing so, the Spaceless Gallery emphasizes the beauty that arises when we gracefully transcend the lines of different worlds and lives to bring together well-defined and vibrant spaces. Something Veronese has prided itself on achieving for nine decades, since it synthesized French design and Murano artistry.


Together in a juncture of artistic expression and mechanical ingenuity, the exhibition will explore the interplay between creativity and machinery. The show opens for the Paris Design Week 2023 on September 9th and will present works from artists Natalia Poniatowska, Arthur Hoffmann, and Adaptism alongside a moving sculpture from Humans Since 1982. 


ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982 centers on time and movement, featuring an array of kinetic black clock hands set against white mineral. Meanwhile, Arthur Hoffmann’s acrylic works highlight the automotive paint spraying–an exploration into the industrial tapestry of vehicle coloring. Adaptism’s prints breathe life into the rejects of modern cities, fashioned from dust found in Paris’ laundry machines. Natalia Poniatowska’s series of archival paper prints Human Nature delves into humans’ intervention on nature, with pieces like Blue Lagoon hinting at the industrialization and the machine.

The Spaceless Gallery is honored to blend its vision with the know-how of this house and wishes to offer visitors a journey between art and design.



Photography @anneemmanuellethion

Installation Views

Blurred Life, Sharp Spaces

Veronese Paris, 327 rue Saint Martin, 75003, Paris

September 11th until December 18th 2023