Handle with Care: Hotel d’Aguesseau, 18 rue Séguier, 75006 Paris, France

19 May - 6 Jun 2022

We are so proud to bring together eleven inspiring art figures to showcase over thirty artists interpreting the notion of fragility. 

After being hosted in spaces and places around the world, the Spaceless Gallery believes that it’s time to invite galleries to join us in a unique multi-gallery exhibition within the apartments of the l'Hôtel d'Aguesseau. Organized and curated by the Spaceless Gallery, the exhibition, Handle with Care, is an ode to fragility, exploring the notions of material and conceptual delicacy through the works of thirty artists represented by Artdib, Clavé Fine Art, Dumonteil, Françoise Livinec, Hatch, Ketabi Bourdet, Millenn’artGalerie Robet-Dantec and the Spaceless Gallery


Like always, this show continues to intertwine the Spaceless Gallery’s belief in honoring the relationships between different artforms and alongside the showcase of art, the hallways and common areas of this distinctive French apartment will also host three very special guests, This Humid House, Pierre Augsutin Rose and Amélie du Chalard


More information on this special project here: https://www.handlewithcarebyspaceless.com/



Installation Views