Salon Art + Design | South Hall: Pierre Bonnefille, Olga Sabko, Ruan Hoffmann

643 Park Ave, New York, NY 10065, 9 - 13 Nov 2023 
Collector's Lounge

The Spaceless Gallery is pleased to participate for the first time to the prestigious Salon Art + Design Fair in New York CityWe are grateful for Salon NY's carte blanche to invest the South Hall (Collector's Lounge) of the historical Armory Park Avenue venue. We will be presenting the three important artists of the gallery Pierre Bonnefille (French painter), Olga Sabko (Ukrainer sculptor),and Ruan Hoffmann (South African sculptor).


Recognized as a “Maître d’art” by the French Ministry of Culture, Pierre Bonnefille’s artistic journey revolves around the inseparable triptych of materials, colors, and light. Skillfully crafting his own materials from nature’s bounty, he creates polychromatic canvases that evoke reflections and harmonies, appearing to move with the dance of light. Beyond painting, Bonnefille’s complete mastery extends to leading large-scale projects that blend contemporary art and interior design, leaving an enduring mark through immersive and sensorial environments.


From ceramic earthenware, Ruan Hoffmann chooses familiar objects such as plates as his canvases. The resulting works are willful, irregular and misshapen forms on which the artist’s unedited observations on life’s experiences flow in constant, noisy glimpses of thought. Hoffmann adorns the surfaces of his plates with a vast array of images and text that can be unapologetic, politically confrontational, improper and even sometimes rude. It is work that is unashamedly loud, uncompromising and exhilarating.


Olga Sabko’s sculptures embody time’s fleeting essence and her personal connection with it. They exude perpetual motion, existing in an uncertain space-time and deliberately remain raw and unfinished, allowing the medium to speak for itself. Her creative process is defined by experimentation and an intuitive connection with materials, resulting in poetic, organic forms. This philosophy extends to her lithographic work, reflecting the spatio-temporal essence of creation through intuition and happenstance.