At 25, a look always young

Rafael Pic, le Quotidien de l'Art, 29 Mar 2023

More than a retrospective analysis, the anniversary of the fair invites us to decipher the functioning of new gallery owners… some of whom were barely born in the first edition.


Beatrice Masi, perpetual motion 

As much as artists, it is to bring out new generations of merchants. In this edition, three gallery owners embody it, with proposals and modes very different functioning, which speak well of the diversity of the profession.



Today, Beatrice Masi, 27 years old, opted for mobility and the porosity between disciplines.

The name of its structure, the Spaceless Gallery, sums up its identity: it reappears periodically in different places, under different latitudes. "I work with an ecosystem of people who help me continuously for missions. Permanently, we are 3 on 3 continents, she specifies, but

staying connected with France, the capital of art. And an essential place where the Spaceless Gallery has its roots. "


This first participation to Art Paris, 4 years after its creation, is seen as recognition of the work carried out since 2019. “This is an opportunity for me to defend young artists of the French scene already recognized for their vision and unique approach of their medium, all the works shown have been created for the fair. Aurèce Vetter is an artistic project combining poetry and artificial intelligence and yet being very anchored in the material. Quentin Derouet is an artist protean that creates matter with which he paints in this series of roses crushed on a raw canvas. Olga Sabko works in ceramics with a lot of finesse, a medium that touches me particularly and that I still find too little represented although increasingly valued in the market. »


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