Milan Design Week x Modes: Collaboration between Hugh Findletar and Modes

17 - 23 Apr 2023

Milan Design Week, a highly anticipated annual event, is once again set to showcase the best in design, creativity, and innovation from around the world. This year, the spotlight shines on the collaboration between Modes, the omni-channel luxury platform, and the acclaimed glass artist Hugh Findletar. Modes Milano is proud to host two exceptional presentations of Findletar's artistry: the fish-inspired FISHieZ collection and the enchanting OGRANic Series.


Hugh Findletar's FISHieZ collection features his exquisitely hand-blown Murano Glass artworks, which bring the vibrant spirit of Jamaica to life. Inspired by his childhood memories of observing fish in his backyard pond, Findletar's FISHieZ are a testament to his love of nature and exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece in the collection showcases his artistry, with rounded forms reminiscent of glass aquariums. Dive into the captivating world of FISHieZ during Milan Design Week at Modes Milano and discover the unique character of Hugh's Jamaican-inspired artistry.


In addition to the FISHieZ collection, Findletar presents his latest masterpiece, the ORGANic Series. This innovative collection explores the beauty of the female form, the rejuvenating spirit of spring, and intricate floral compositions. By incorporating elements such as bulbs, flowers, and seeds, Hugh weaves his reality and emotions into a tapestry of organic forms, taking the viewer on a voyage of self-discovery and artistic expression. The ORGANic Series is a reflection of Hugh's innermost thoughts and feelings and marks a new chapter in his creative journey.


Modes, with headquarters in Milan, is a unique omni-channel luxury platform that boasts over 300 apparel and accessories brands. With a network of 21 boutiques and a strong digital platform, Modes is committed to innovation, discovery, and delivering unparalleled customer experiences. During Milan Design Week, Modes Milano's space becomes a playground for outstanding installations and energetic collaborative events, uniting visual arts and a diverse clientele.


Join us during Milan Design Week 2023 at Modes Milano to celebrate the exceptional collaboration between Modes and Hugh Findletar, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of FISHieZ and the captivating ORGANicc Series. Experience firsthand the harmony of life, nature, and art that these collections embody, and discover the deep emotional connections that resonate with the human experience.

Installation Views