Salon Art + Design | Booth A20: Humans since 1982

643 Park Ave, New York, NY 10065, 9 - 13 Nov 2023 
Booth A20 11am - 8pm

Humans since 1982 is a Stockholm-based studio founded by Bastian Bischoff and Per Emanuelsson in 2009. Their diverse and complex practice spans art, design, and technology, defying easy categorization. They are best known for their kinetic sculptures, A million Times and ClockClock, which subvert clocks by presenting them as art objects. Their work is exhibited worldwide at leading museums, fairs, and institutions.


For this exhibition, Humans since 1982 collaborated with The Spaceless Gallery at the prestigious Salon Art + Design Fair in New York City. Operating through a circuit of ephemeral locations all over the world, the Spaceless Gallery looks beyond the walls of a traditional white cube space to provide an ever-changing experience for both our artists and audience. Founded by Beatrice Masi, the gallery is dedicated to promoting the passion, creation and know-how of its artists.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is "A million Times 120," an extraordinary kinetic installation that mesmerizes viewers with its seamless choreography of time and movement. Comprising 120 meticulously synchronized clock hands, this captivating artwork explores the interplay between time, technology, and human perception.

In addition to this groundbreaking installation, "ClockClock L (Tidal)" will make its New York City debut, adding an element of excitement and anticipation to the Salon. This masterpiece evokes the imagery of sunlight reflecting on water, with clock hands displaying wave-like cyclical and cumulative patterns, challenging conventional notions of time. Merging 24 analog clocks into a single digital display, "ClockClock L (Tidal)" presents a visually stunning representation of the passage of time.