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Pierre de Boishue, Art Paris 2023, 24 Mar 2023


The event, organized at the Grand Palais Éphémère, commemorates its 25th edition. A reflection on a triumph that coincides with the resurgence of Paris on the art market stage.


Far removed from any semblance of elitism, this strategy has enabled this erstwhile satellite fair of the Fiac to garner notoriety with each passing year and to entice an ever-growing number of aficionados. Other circumstances have contributed to its ascent to power, such as its relocation to the Grand Palais in 2006. 


The year 2020 represented an additional stride towards renown. “The pandemic heralded a veritable turning point,” expounds Guillaume Piens. “Art Paris was the inaugural post-lockdown fair to be held globally in September 2020. The illustrious Perrotin gallery joined our ranks on this occasion and ushered in other exhibitors who had never previously applied to us.” Its team is also acknowledged for its innate sense of innovation, as evinced by its prompt desire to adopt the concept of eco-design. Let us also allude to its astute choices with regards to monographic exhibitions, such as the limelight bestowed this year upon Gérard Schneider, grand master of lyrical abstraction, upon sculptor Robert Couturier, or upon Jean-Pierre Pincemin. 


Each edition concurrently affords an opportunity to discover new purveyors, as Art Paris customarily extends invitations to fledgling establishments less than six years of age. This is notably the case for the Spaceless Gallery, which will unveil the oeuvres of three French artists, including the gifted ceramist Olga Sabko.

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