Nitika Choraria, NOMAD St Moritz, 6 Mar 2023

Isola's 6 Favorites At NOMAD St Moritz 2023

Traveling design fair NOMAD returned for its 11th edition at St Moritz, Switzerland


Conceived in 2017 by Giorgio Pace and Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and created as a concept that is set up to travel the world - this time design fair NOMAD took place from 23 to 26 February 2023 in St Moritz, Switzerland.


Moving to Grace La Margna St Moritz for its 11th edition - it propelled an invigorating program of contemporary art and collectible design through the walls of the magnificent five storeys of the historic Art Nouveau hotel in the heart of St. Moritz. 


Establishing a unique dialogue between art, design and architecture in a very intimate setting - once again NOMAD offered a unique curated experience which underscores its affinity for the unconventional, next to an elegant gallery line-up which is ever expanding in its geographical richness, exclusive variety and sense of wonder. 


Their chief concern this year was to shed light on sustainability in the creative sphere by showcasing the eclectic work of galleries and special projects which brilliantly demonstrated a commitment to safeguarding the planet and the future.


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1. “NOTITLE” by Rossana Orlandi

Rossana Orlandi presented “NOTITLE” featuring the Iconic Column by Sergio Roger - a textile sculpture skillfully crafted in antique linen and wood belonging to the series “Textile Ruins” inspired by the Greco-Roman tradition. 


It further showcased Brass Cubes Applique by Morghen Studio  - wall lamps that take inspiration from a cloud’s shape and are converted into a kind of pixel. The illuminating lamps comprise LED bulbs that reflect light on the side of the brass cubes.


Additionally, ceramic vases by Daniel Piršč were displayed. Based on the archetypal shape of the amphora and with a surreal quality, the optical illusion created by their ingeniously atypical forms demanded one to take a closer look.


2. Nilufar Gallery

Nilufar Gallery participated with an unusual installation and experimentations of various techniques, materials and styles - an alluring medley of vintage and contemporary works alongside the gallery’s new talents’ creations. 


A rare parallelism was presented with iconic pieces of Brazilian design from the second half of the 1900’s and contemporary works - Martin Eisler & Carlo Hauner’s storage cabinet, a pair of armchairs model Concha by Joaquim Tenreiro and two armchairs by Percival Lafer juxtaposed with the hand-knotted wool rug Chromosome-P by Caturegli Formica.


Its contemporary selection featured the eclectic vision of Lola Montes Schnabel, where the designer’s distinctive stylistic signature shaped numerous original pieces that defined the “Nurture VS Nature” collection. 


It further showcased creations by Carlo Lorenzetti guided by soft lines and full volumes - the Alter ceramic low table, Pup stool with a charging unit as well as two bronze table lamps.

Additionally, the avant-garde and organic work of emerging designer Maximilian Marchesani was displayed - the latest addition to the gallery’s contemporary portfolio, illuminating the environment.


3. Una Buona Mano / A Good Hand by Fornasetti 

Fornasetti presented “Una Buona Mano / A Good Hand” - a project that applied the theme of playing cards to furniture and accessories covered with original lithographic plates of the 1950’s in zinc and  seamlessly combined with briar-root and brass. 


It’s a collection of one-of-a-kind items that breathes new life into the vintage masters utilized by Piero Fornasetti to decorate the Atelier’s objects. 


The screen, bar and boxes all celebrate the card game as a metaphor for manual dexterity - both that of the artist and their illusory tricks, blurring reality and imagination and that of the skilled craftsman.


4. Material Revolution by Parley for the Oceans

Parley for the Oceans is a global network where creators, thinkers and leaders from creative industries, brands, governments as well as environmental groups come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of the oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. 


They presented design furniture 3D-printed by Nagami and fabricated with Parley Ocean Plastic - a premium material fabricated from upcycled plastic waste recovered from remote islands, waters and coastlines by Parley’s Global Cleanup Network.


5. Art Beyond Purpose / Function Redefined by The Spaceless Gallery

The Spaceless Gallery presented multifaceted artist Hugh Findletar - with overlapping aesthetics and functionality, the many muses of his Murano glass creations capture their extraordinary personality.


One is hypnotically guided by the transparency and light glow of the beautifully blown Murano glass Eohippus - an animal that humans began domesticating around 4000 BCE. 


With extraordinary skill, Findletar perfectly captures its elegant modernity.


Additionally, his practice with glass is big on sustainability as he reuses and recycles the glass from his experimentations constantly into his work. 


6. Homage To Tibetan Rugs by Mt. Refuge

Mt. Refuge is a contemporary design studio, rooted in authentic and timeless antiquity as well as ancient Buddhist traditions. 


Seeking to fuse age-old artisanal skills with modern aesthetics - the end result is a treasure trove of meticulously hand-crafted products that breathe the spirit of the Himalayas into any space.


They presented “Homage To Tibetan Rugs” - a collaborative project that straddles tradition whilst infusing it with contemporary aesthetics. 


Ancient world Tibetan rug-making techniques are combined with the modern Tiger designs of Tsherin Sherpa. 


Mt. Refuge provides homage to the tradition of ancient Tibetan rugs with its first collection of limited edition Tiger rugs. 

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