La Gazette Drouot, Stéphane Chapelle

La Gazette Drouot, Interview, 26 Sep 2019


The Parisian florist, in collaboration with The Spaceless Gallery, welcomes for the first time in its store the works of Hugh Findletar during Fashion Week, until September 29.


Are you rather painting, object, photo... ?
It is difficult to make a choice. It is essentially an encounter with the object: a composition or a color palette for painting, a historical marker for photography, the material or the design of an object... Life sows on our path emotions that I find in those around me.

Your latest cultural favorite?
The "Berthe Morisot" exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay. I am struck by the softness of the paintings and the remarkable spirit of this woman.

A work that you would like to own?
A bronze bull by Rosa Bonheur.

The artist who touches you ?
Rosa Bonheur, for her animals and the incredible strength found in her work, and Pierre Soulages, for the graphics and the purity.

Is the FIAC trend or the Paris Biennial trend?
Both are sources of emotion. I don't want to choose.

Is there a common thread in your acquisitions?
Nature, the relationship with the garden, animal art... I am not a collector and let myself be carried along by encounters, for acquisitions and for life in general.

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