DOUBLE JEU: Noémie Lacroix

3 Dec 2020 - 2 Feb 2021

A square scarf, a game board & territories of History

Exploring the theme of the game, Noémie Lacroix created this collection around the History of the carré or "neck-handkerchief", used by the military, comedians, historians and poets of the mid-19th century in France. This piece of fabric was at the same time a fashion accessory and a form of political and social communication, depicting scenes of life, short stories and printed games. The carré has thus always played a double jeu, having adapted itself to its different uses.

Anchoring this small fabric in today's mobility, Noémie Lacroix has developed a contemporary reinterpretation of ancestral board games such as the chess, backgammon, parcheesi or the goose game. The scarves can be worn or used as a traditional game board, perpetuating their plural and clever tradition.

Demonstrating flexibility, facilitated by the textile plasticity, the carré plays to adapt to the spaces in which it is deployed, or with the body it embraces. Each scarf of the Double Jeu collection is a collaboration with the ceramist Lucie Malbéqui, who has created a series of handmade ceramic pawns that can be used for playing, or worn as jewellery. Finally, the photographer Motoki Mokito has captured the works of this exhibition in an aerial staging.

 Let's playfully reinterpret our everyday life landscapes.


COLLABORATIONS — Alice Cadillon - Artist & graphic designer / Lucie Malbéqui - Artist, sculptor & ceramist / Motoki Mokito - Photographer / Paul Mouginot - Photographer

Installation Views