THE SHOW WE MADE AT HOME: Natalia Poniatowska

13 Nov - 31 Dec 2020

Observing the world through a realistic, somewhat documentary angle, Polish photographer Natalia Poniatowska explores the various conditions of reality around her through the power of images. Her works are deeply melancholic and anchored in the present as she conveys the emotions, truths and challenges of social issues surrounding time, nature and the globalisation of the world. In this way, undersides of reality are subtly unveiled in a sincere and ordinary form. Through her gaze, everyone can recognize themselves.

With her craft taking her to unfamiliar places and often away from her homeland,  Poniatowska, for the very first time, is presenting a digital exhibition intertwining artworks from different series made throughout her career including Humanature, Celebrations, Moments I Never Showed You, Behind, Twelve Dying Palm Trees, and Longing for Belonging. Designed from her home in Warsaw, the show is a collaboration between the photographer and her architect husband Przemek Anczok, who built the virtual space for the exhibition.

In light of the epidemic that is striking the world, we have no other choice but to rethink the bonds that exist between all of us and our environment. Hampered by the impossibility of discovering the outside anew, Natalia Poniatowska's look draws on her references. Doing so, she reinvents herself and invites us to a moment of reflection.

Installation Views