"I believe that art can be a fulfilling experience in the spaces we dwell in."
​Hanna Heino is a contemporary artist from Finland known for her delicate form language that honours the beauty and subtle nuances of nature and its textures, shapes and depth. Her pieces take us on a voyage to a tranquil universe which cannot be easily put into words.

Clay is the medium in all her work, but the ancient working techniques between pieces vary significantly. Her processes are an accumulation of emotions, experiences and pure intuition lighting up a sense of naturalness and effortless approachability. Flowing vibrant forms and alteration in textures is the essence of her work; by playing around with these elements, she brings subtle shimmers of aliveness and variation to her art.

  • Hanna Heino, NUBES - the somewhere, PETIT, matte white, 2022
    NUBES - the somewhere, PETIT, matte white, 2022
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  • Hanna Heino, CRESCERE no 26, 2022
    CRESCERE no 26, 2022
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