LA ART SHOW: Nature does not care about your feelings

Booth 509, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 29 Jul - 1 Aug 2021 

For the Los Angeles Art Show we had the pleasure to present not one but two booths. The first one is about Nature, the other about Space.


Nature does not care about your feelings

Climate change is one of the biggest issues in today's society. As we see the ice caps melting, the rise in water levels and the drastic changes in the earth's temperature, we ask ourselves if Nature is punishing humankind for our lack of care and love of the environment we live in. 

From the earliest of days, mankind has personified nature or Mother Nature as a living force to be reckoned with. Like a parent reprimanding their children, our relationship with nature has become a mirror of the human race, endowing nature as a personality with feelings, that teaches us right from wrong. However, is this really the case ? When we think deeper about it, the changes we see in our environment are a mirror of the actions of the human race. Nature doesn't care about your feelings. We live in a world where all actions have a cause and effect. Yes, this chain might be endless and yes it connects every little thing in this ecosystem on our planet. Nature and mankind are not separate entities, but one and the same. Whatever is causing the Earth to respond in such a way through human activity is nature's impact on itself. 

Saving the Earth is vital, we do not doubt it, however how we perceive our relationship with nature is another matter. In this display, we feature the works of 4 brilliant artists who have their conceptualizations and processes swaddled deep in the relationship to their surroundings, speaking with their art.