Carte Blanche Mr. FLOWERheadZ

23.09.19 - 29.09.19

Stéphane Chappelle, Paris

About the exhibition 
During Paris Fashion Week, Stéphane Chapelle and The Spaceless Gallery is proud to present Hugh Findletar's works at the floral boutique at 9 rue Richelieu in Paris, celebrating the beauty of
both art forms with events and performances.

Seen as masterpieces of the world, flowers no doubt deserve a pedestal worthy of their beauty. Devoted to this cause, Hugh Findletar strives to reinvent the flower vase, injecting his unique pieces with his personal life experiences.

Hugh was born in Jamaica. A photographer by trade, he grew up in New York where his passion for floral compositions bloomed. Hugh took his passion across the globe to Japan, Kenya and now Milan, where he lives and works, creating bold and imposing glassworks.

Represented in two series, the newest of them, KingZ Vases, is a collection of majestic bowls. By incorporating copper and gold into the molten glass, Hugh embed his works with deep colours, paying homage to nature, while celebrating the skilled craftsmanship of Murano.

On the other hand, Hugh’s FLOWERHeadZ vases emerged from the artist’s interactions with the people he meets. Inspired by the ever-changing shapes of faces around him, Hugh created surrealist portraits in a sculptural yet utilitarian form.

Participating artist


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