Marina Shirskaya, NOMAD St Moritz, 23 Feb 2023

Nomad St. Moritz 2023: Collectible Design and Sustainable Development

Nomad St. Moritz is an art & design exposition that has proclaimed sustainable advancement as its central theme. From the 23rd to the 26th of February 2023, its exhibitors took up residence in the historic confines of the Grace La Margna hotel situated in the heart of St. Moritz. Set against the picturesque mountainous vistas of Engadin in the Swiss Alps, this exquisite edifice overlooking the lake was conceived by Nicolaus Hartmann in 1906. Presently, the refurbished hotel is poised for its grand inauguration.

Despite its ongoing expansion in terms of discussions, showcases, and participants, Nomad St. Moritz has managed to retain its exclusive status as an intimate event, tailored for connoisseurs of the arts. The exhibition features sixteen galleries and fourteen special projects, which have filled the rooms of the restored hotel with modern artworks and collectible designs, thus creating an unforgettable and truly exceptional experience for all attendees.

A paramount feature of this edition is the collaboration with AD Italia - a symposium on sustainable design that boasts an array of international creatives. Amongst them are Cyril Gutsch, Sherin Sherpa, Rossana Orlandi, and Francesca Neri Antonello. All content will be released in a special issue of AD Italia dedicated to sustainable development in May 2023.

Cyril Gutsch, the Chief Executive Officer of Parley for the Oceans - a preeminent organization for ocean conservation - expounds on the “Material Revolution” and how the creative community can reconceptualize, reengineer and recreate the materials of tomorrow. He also delves into the role of consumers and brands. Sherin Sherpa, a Nepalese artist residing between California and Kathmandu whose work is rooted in her personal experiences living in the Himalayan diaspora alongside carpet brand Mt.Refuge exhibits a series of limited edition carpets. Gallery proprietor Rossana Orlandi has been invited to speak about her global project RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC. The objective of this project is to galvanize an international community to investigate new philosophies of design and production utilizing innovative materials derived from waste and uncover their boundless transformative potential.

One captivating facet is the partnership with Gucci. The magnificent endeavor is dubbed “Artists in Flux” and will transpire in an array of cities throughout 2023. Its inaugural chapter took place in St. Moritz and showcased a collective exhibition by Lola Montes Schnabel, Yves Scherer, and Sherin Sherpa. Standing out among the debutants of the exhibition is Rolf Sachs, a conceptual artist and designer currently residing and creating in Rome. He unveils a unique project entitled “Alpine Suite,” drawing inspiration from Alpine culture and Engadine - its breathtaking landscapes, rich customs, and traditional furniture he encountered during his upbringing.

Nomad St. Moritz 2023 prides itself on its ability to showcase contemporary art amidst an array of designer objects. Golsa Gallery (Oslo) devotes its space to two creatives: Kurdish-Norwegian designer Nebil Zaman and Swiss artist Yves Scherer. Gregor Staiger Gallery (Zurich, Milan) makes its debut with a collective project under the curation of Silka Rittson-Thomas featuring works and fabrics by Frenchman Édouard Vuillard (1868-1940), a prominent figure of the pre-symbolist Nabis movement. Larkin Erdmann and Von Bartha pay homage to kinetic art, with a particular focus on Alexander Calder. Olivier Varenne Art Moderne & Contemporain displays sketches by Christo alongside graphics by Jean Dubuffet.

A quintessential and luscious blend from Spazio Nobile Gallery and SHÅK Gallery (Brussels): Marcela Sheridan and Bertil Okkesson - connoisseurs of Mexican and Swedish art and design have transformed their fervor into a vocation. The installation in the Earth trend is accentuated by distinctive objects crafted from wood, rope, chalk, and sisal. Adjacent stand sculptures fashioned from bronze, glass, and ceramics. Woven and tufted tapestries are juxtaposed with engravings, ink drawings on paper, and photographs.

It is noteworthy that the peripatetic fair Nomad was conceived in 2017 by Italian art curator Giorgio Pace and Canadian architect Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte: the fair traverses Europe both corporeally and virtually. From Karl Lagerfeld’s Villa La Vigie in Monaco to Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel in Venice and Palais Bulles in French Théoule-sur-Mer.

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