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Interview, 3 Dec 2019

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Correspondance Magazine® spoke with Béatrice Masi and this young gallerist, artist agent and cultural agitator shared her project of growth, her ambitions and artistic convictions. According to Masi, "The Spaceless Gallery" aims to offer an itinerant and flexible space to implement the creations of its artists - Lara Porzak, Pandora Mond, Jayde Cardinalli, Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves, Noémie Lacroix - and to the general public, environments of reflection for an immersion in unprecedented, preferably unconventional places, such as the most recent exhibition, which took place in October and was presented in the spaces of the Parisian florist Stéphane Chapelle. If art must be where the public can access it and live a singular experience, "The Spaceless Gallery" is the concept of this mobility so desired in times of globalization, which perfectly corresponds to the image of today's art market.


How did you get the idea to create "The Spaceless Gallery"? Tell us a bit about this art project.

- An artist friend was looking for an agent. Different galleries were already representing him, but he needed a more mobile structure that could play the roles of both gallery and agent. The idea was to combine the services of an agency and a gallery. The current structure of "The Spaceless Gallery" has two main objectives: to exhibit and promote artists to collectors - a standard gallery role - and, in parallel, to sell projects to companies that value craftsmanship, art and know-how - here the agent role comes in.


How would you describe "The Spaceless Gallery" and its artists?

- "The Spaceless Gallery is without borders, without boundaries, and without predefined rules. It evolves over time, with its artists, collaborators, and its loyal network of collectors. The artists we represent do not fit into any specific movement. They coexist because of the poetic and aesthetic character of their work.


Where and what kind of research do you do to find artists that will be represented by "The Spaceless Gallery"?

- Talented artists are not always easy to access. We must identify them and then think about the person who could introduce us to them. The best intermediary to approach them is usually the collector. Instagram is also a great way to find new artists, as well as fairs and exhibitions. What motivates me to present an artist's work is their universe, the originality of their vision, and the quality of their know-how.


How was this passion for contemporary art born?

- Working alongside artists is a real responsibility. The artist gives himself body and soul to his artistic creation and the gallery works so that he can live off his art. This strong and unique relationship is a beautiful vocation that motivates me daily. In contemporary art "everything must be done" and, in a way, each actor in this market contributes to the art history of tomorrow.


Which artists interest and inspire you?

- Pierre Soulages, Liu Bolin, Mark Rothko, Olafur Eliasson, Rachel Howard... The list goes on!


What is your opinion about the current art market? What do you think will change in the last five years?

- The art market is doing very well. In five years I believe it will continue to globalize, just like "The Spaceless Gallery"! There is no doubt that we are currently in a period of political, economic and cultural turbulence and upheaval but opportunities can be found everywhere.


In your opinion, what is the role of artists in contemporary society?

- Their role is twofold. They can be a vector of beauty, but also a vector for warning about environmental and social facts.


Do you have any advice for emerging artists who wish to present their work in such a concept as "The Spaceless Gallery"?

- My advice is, be persevering, practice for yourself, and feed your inspirations with the work of the greatest masters to break the codes, and success will surely follow.


What do you think about the 'boom' of art fairs that have multiplied in recent years? How are they changing the market?

- They offer great opportunities, but they are also a threat to young galleries, for whom participation in a fair represents a significant investment. Fairs accentuate the effect of seasonality and concentration of transactions.


Are you a frequent visitor to art fairs? Which are your favorites?

- I try, at best, to follow the art fairs' schedule. Of course, big fairs like Art Basel, Frieze and Fiac are unavoidable, but I am also interested in younger Parisian fairs like Galeristas and AKKA. I also go to Switzerland every year for Volta e List in parallel with Art Basel, which features a selection of young artists that are always very interesting.


What new projects are you currently working on?

- I have several projects in the works. Our next exhibition will take place in December 2019 at Villa d'Eaux, former thermal baths converted into a hotel. Noémie Lacroix, one of the artists we represent, created especially for this exhibition silk paintings in harmony with the location. We imagined for this exhibition an immersive experience around the theme of movement, water and tides ... Exhibition - Noémie Lacroix, Villa D'Eaux. Starting December 15 in the town of Villers-sur-Mer in Normandy.


Which new artists, in your opinion, are worth following?

- All our artists (laughs)!

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