LA ART SHOW: Liminal Martian Sun

Booth 506, LA Convention Center, CA, USA, 29 Jul - 1 Aug 2021 

For the Los Angeles Art Show we had the pleasure to present not one but two booths. The first one is about Nature, the other about Space.


Mixing light, sculpture and new technologies, the work of Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves questions the process of vision and deconstructs our gaze. Her installations use a phenomenological approach to reality, they underscore the perception of time as a continuum. From audiovisual performance to land art, her research has focused on astrophysical space and natural light cycles. The visual artist works with outer space landscapes through a 'tele-vision' process, where the depth of field is being augmented by telescopes, rovers and astrophysical modeling.


Liminal Martian Sun is a show that we decided to construct around the focused oeuvre of works by Felicie that intersects through different dimensions, time and space. Hovering between opposites, the artist's works challenge the places of intervals like life and death, light and dark, near and far, reality and the spiritual among many others, driving an important part of her practice and the core of our exhibition, hence our title. Intertwining science and the intangible qualities of life and its philosophies, Félicie questions, shakes and deep dive into facts about the universe, translating them into mesmerizing art installations that are so astonishingly intellectual, complex and beautiful.