Booth A04, Volta Basel, Switzerland, 20 - 26 Sep 2021 

For our first art fair in VOLTA BASEL we presented two French artists in a show called GAMMA.


Gamma gravitates around the cosmic world of French multi-media artist Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves and renowned French-American glass artist Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert.

Félicie explores dimensions of reality not on Earth but through the heavens and beyond, projecting us into new horizons. in a different way, but to the same effect, Jeremy's mesmerizing freehand glass-blown sculptures allow visitors to experience a greater connection with the universe as he embarks on a quest to harness and provide a vector for the energy of life. This energy that we see in both artists' practice represents the scientific materials and periodic elements that exist in our atmosphere and in the region of outer space, just merely materialized in very different ways. 

Jeremy explains that his process of glassblowing produces an extraordinary expansion of energy in hues of orange and purple like the colors seen in Felicie's works that represent the cosmos. There is tension and a fierce concentration of energy and light as the matter is molded from its molten state and bent to his will. An expanding mass shares the same principles of the universe where light then matter comes into existence through the Big Bang.

Time is of the essence for both artists as they attempt to capture a moment in time and space. For Jeremy, it comes with his intention to create a glass sculpture that manifests only with a particular force of energy and time. On the other hand, Félicie's 'tele-vision' exploration embraces a cosmic perspective of more than thirteen billion light-years as a single line drawn across the universe, representing the length of time between one end and the other. Both artistic processes take us beyond the materiality of the world we live in, encapsulating the cosmos, the Big Bang and the origin of our existence. Both artists have taken complex scientific phenomena and presented them in simplified forms, crystallizing the cosmos in perpetuity. We do not exist without the cosmos, we are just stardust after all.