8.10.19 - 10.11.19

7, rue Saint-Claude, Paris

About the exhibition
The voïd, French Designer and Architect Charlotte Perriand used to say, contains everything, because it
represents the ability to move, the potentiality of motion. But, let's imagine an infinite space, without any point of reference. In such a space, movement would be impossible, because there would be nothing to measure the travelled distance. Thus for this proposition to be true, the voïd must at least contain, a milestone/marker.

Situated in its midst, this exhibition “Space (less)” borrows this frame of reference, questioning the existence and acknowledgment of space and how it's understood and perceived in society. What is space and how do we know define or demarcate it? Interpreted differently by our artists, the works Felicie d’Estienne d’Orves and Pandora Mond take on the mysteries of cosmic space and light. In contrast, the work of Lara Porzak plunges the viewer into a timeless universe where only preserved memories services as a marker of existence. At the same time, the immersive exhibitions of Jayde Cardinali and Noemie Lacroix provides a sensory perspective, alongside Hugh Findlestar, whose works offer a poetic response to the contradictory yet complementary dualit of what it means for a cup, a vessel, a demarcated space to be half full.

Participating artists

Felicie d’Estienne d’Orves
Pandora Mond
Lara Porzak
Jayde Cardinali
Noemie Lacroix
Hugh Findletar

photo credits: Quentin Chevrier

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