Gardens of the Mind

08.06.19 - 09.06.19

Cély-en-Biére, France

About the exhibition 
As the pace of life quickens and society becomes absorbed into an unyielding cycle of result-oriented tasks and purpose, our minds become an overwhelming reprise of knowledge and thoughts. When then - as they say - do we stop to smell the flowers? The search for a form of repose undoubtedly becomes a unanimous quest as we look both outward to the physical world and inward into our consciousness.

Here, the garden occupies a paramount position that intertwines both the tangible and intangible as it represents a peaceful sanctuary that we not only experience with our senses but also through our minds. Borrowed from nature, gardens are constructs of the human imagination as personal forms of expression. Our gardens, wherever they may be or whatever form they take shape, evoke a sense of comfort in their familiarity, especially when we lose our way in life.

Gardens of the Mind is an exhibition that presents a series of works by artists who have harnessed and contextualised the symbolic and material aspects of nature and the gardens that rove their minds. Forged beyond the traditional walls of a gallery space and setwithin the grounds of a private garden on the outskirts of Paris, we welcome you to be a part of this beautifully-provoking experience. 

Gardens of the Mind is curated by Beatrice Masi and Kate Ng for the Spaceless Gallery. 

Participating artists

Noémie Lacroix
Lara Porzak
Jayde Cardinalli
Ruan Hoffmann
Farnaz Jahanbin

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