Expressions d’Impressions

1.09.20 - 31.12.20 

4 Rue Boulle 75011 Paris

About the exhibition
From September to December, The Spaceless Gallery will be presenting a group exhibition of works by Lara Porzak and Pierre Bonnefille in the heart of the art district in Paris. Entitled "Expressions d'Impressions", the exhibition revolves around a multi-dimensional dialogue between image and material through three artists of different practice. Here, the definition of an image takes the representational form as an object and of a well thought impression, expressed through material process and influenced by the natural world.

Honouring the pioneers of photography, Lara Porzak captures her subjects through age-old photography processes like ferrotypes and gelatin-silver prints. As the intangible form of an image fades into the materiality of the support, it becomes tangible. A chosen memory, a fleeting experience is preserved and transformed on a metal sheet as the artist blurs the line between what you see and what/how she wants you to see. 

Taking on the same dialogue, but in a different way, Bonnefille uses the crushed refined powders of volcanic rock, silver and mother of pearl to produce intriguing three-dimensional effects in  pictorial compositions. Bending nature to his will, the artist reinterprets and projects his image through an abstract existence. The changing colours and subtle textures of his canvases, like ripples on water, echoing of the metallic reflections of Lara Porzak’s photographic plates.

Participating artists

Pierre Bonnefille     
Lara Porzak

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